Deriving its name from the Greek word “Malakos” meaning “soft”, this intricately beautiful and delicate deep green crystal is a Stone of Transformation; it protects and strengthens oneself both physically and spiritually, making it a great stone for embarking on a journey. Mined in Russia, Australia, The Congo, and Egypt, this crystal is used across the world in many different cultures as a powerful emblem of protection and power. It was also used by the Egyptians for makeup, as well as adorned in jewelry. Great for finances and financial abundances; gift to someone starting a business or embarking on a new personal endeavor. Associated most with the Heart Chakra, but also aids in the Solar and Third Eye Chakras.

*Associated with zodiac Capricorn; also good for Scorpio

*Believed to help with tissue regeneration; used to protect its wearer against falls